Press Releases 101

Too many times many companies take a government committee approach to writing a press release about the latest drill results, financing, partnering, etc. Many of these press releases have too much information in them. Yes that is right too much information. Keep in mind who is your audience? Are you writing for the shareholders, analysts or the mining community? The feeling most people have is for the shareholders. What about new potential shareholders? Keeping your current shareholders informed is important but getting new ones is key.

Pretend that shareholders are customers, which they are. Keeping a customer base is important but the key to survival and expansion is getting new customers. So write your press releases for the goal of getting new customers. Keep the engineers and lawyers away from writing your press releases. They are lawyers and and engineers first and foremost not marketers.

Keep the press release short and sweet. First off telling about the news is one thing but give the mine/property/project/exploration a geographical identifier. How far is it from a major town – 69 km NW of Houston or McBride or Chetwynd or something like that is a great start. People then have an idea where things are. New and current investors need a reference point. Not only that it creates excitement in the community and belief me people in the communities talk to family and friends outside the community. Word of mouth interest travels fast.

Utilize the KISS method. If people want more information refer them to your website. This brings you more traffic and hence more traffic brings more interested visitors who then become shareholders. Your website is like a store, get people in your store – they will buy something like your stock.