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By peterc on August 13, 2018. No Comments

Do you want to know my kids name’s too?
As part of our database of companies in Northern BC I forgot how painful it is getting to be put on the email list of these companies. many of them want you to fill out a form and provide as much information as possible so they can send you an email. Yes I want an email but some of them were asking for my address, city and postal code. Fine I get that as they can not send info to the US. But I want it via email not snail mail. A number of them also wanted my phone number, my occupation and who I worked for. I want an email about your company not a warranty for a lawn mower!
The form fill out email was popular in 2005. Not now. There are some companies that almost don’t want to give you information. They are almost putting up barriers in order to not send you an email. Sure I remember the days when you had to mail out press releases to each shareholder as well as an annual report. No I am not that old but I remember my dad getting this when I was a kid.
You are making it difficult to have potential investors follow you. It is like you don’t want them!
At tradeshows and conferences you hand out one page information sheets, small booklets and USB sticks all the time. Plus your business cards are sitting right on the table from the President/CEO on down. No one there has ever asked for address.
One general email that goes to one inbox and that is it! Sure you will get spam. Guess what we all get spam. It is part of life but have a good firewall and a nice email marketing program. That is how you get investors to easily follow you
If you are one of these exploration and mining companies in Northern BC change it! Or better yet email us at and we can help
Sample that is way too common in the industry

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