Western Coal Corp Stock Rises

Western Coal Corp (TSX-WTN) stocks surged on the take over bid by Walter Energy. The stock soared 45% today with a deal worth $3.3 billion that is exclusive until Dec 1, 2010. Western Coal operated 3 mines in Northern BC with others in West Virginia and Wales with production of 6.1 million tonnes of coal […]

Capesize Ships move Western Coal from Prince Rupert

Western Coal (TSX-WTN) is now implementing the use of Capesize bulk carrier ships at Ridley Terminals. Western Coal previously utilized 75,000 tonne Panamax vessels but since September 2010 has switched to the 170,000 tonne Capesize vessels. The next Capesize ship scheduled to load the Company’s coal is expected to arrive at Ridley Terminals in November […]

Site C = Mining

Site C = Mining

On April 19, BC Premier Gordon Campbell announced that the Peace River ‘Site C’ Hydroelectric Project had advanced to Phase Three. It’s taken forty years for our province to come full-circle and realize that, once again, northern British Columbia is a significant piece of our provinces future and our bankroll. Forty years ago, it was […]

Government of British Columbia: June Rights Sale the Fifth Largest …

Marketwire Nine parcels in the Blueberry area, 80 kilometres northwest of Fort St. John, with per hectare bids ranging from $1137 to $6118. British Columbia supports … Click for more